Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Weird Symbols

Has any of the bloggers noticed that weird thing Blogger is doing to the tile space whenever you try to post a new post? Anyway, I'm currently facing a dillemma: Nietzsche's stake or Adam Smith's chopping. The philosophy paper is due Friday afternoon, it weighs 30%, it's 25% done, and I need an A for this paper to get an A for this course; Economics Theory test is tomorrow morning, it weighs 25&, it's 0.00000001% prepared, and I don't need an A for this test to get an A for this course. I've tried using a decision tree to see what to do, and it turned out decision tree was a lousy tool for solving this problem, because it was simply too time consuming to map all the possible decisions and the related consequences. Well, I'm going to do what my ancestors have been doing for billions of years -- I will go with my instinct. Adam Smith's chopping.

Edit: Oh, it was the new Hindi character translation thing. Silly me.