Friday, December 15, 2006

About This Blog

I don't mean to be mean, but Blogger's design of the user's profile page looks decidedly depressing. Therefore, I'm about to write all about myself here: an good ol' post that while has absolutely no CS tech advantage, is totally subject to my whim such that I can write about whatever I'd like to say in whatever format I want. (Whereas The word limit on my "official" Blogger's profile is quite discouraging.)

Unlike my profile, where I attempt to display only relevant information in understanding my stories, this blog is instead a semi-thought-tracing-device where I record my thoughts when they occur (usually when I try to sleep). Hence, as you can see, this blog has two primary functions. First, which is the "intellectual" yet not factual reason for which I started this blog, I want this blog to help me keep track of the trend of my thoughts and beliefs, for I believe that studying the evolution of one's system of reasoning is essential to future rational judgement and thoughts. Second, which is the more worldy reason, is that I want to explore some obscene egotism by screaming that I'm thinking, albeit to an audience that doesn't really care about whether I'm a human being or a mountain goat.

Although I tend to try to keep my writing clear and logical (and hence sometimes quite tedious and uninteresting to casual visitors), I absoultely do not claim that I'm making every single piece of writing a sound/cogent argument. Constructing a sound/cogent argument, nowadays, involves clearifying meanings and definitions and the slight difference between "the property of an abstract toilet" and the "abstract property of being a toilet" for hours and hours (like what I am unfortunatley forced to do in a philosophy paper), which can be, in a manner of speaking, rewarding, but more often it is not only frustrating for the reader, but also highly painful for the author. Hence, in my writing I will always try to be (but granted with failures) reasonable and logical, but in most cases when I present an argument (or a piece of argument) I will rely heavily on common sense and expect many of my implied premises to be detected by the readers.

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